Question for you Yamaha owners

Hey all, I was hoping some of you could help me out. Im looking to sell my 2001 XR400 as its not quite fitting for my style I think. Im wondering what suggestions some of you could throw out as far as yamaha's. Ive been told the WR's are great bikes.

Here are the problems with my XR400, too heavy, suspension sucks(even after several revalves and respringing's), not enough power. Dont get me wrong, its enjoyable power, but id like a better power to weight ratio. Also, its great for tight trails which I like, but I also like to hit the tracks. I know there isnt a single solution bike for this mixture, but there has to be a better one than the XR. While it is reliable beyond coparison, its just too much at the tracks.

I appreciate any input you can give!


I think you will find the 04 WR450 performance (after the free mods) quite adequate for your needs. The suspension (my opinion) is excellent. The magic button is Fantastic!

It's a little tall in the seat for riders under 6'. For the track or catching major air? I'll let someone with more experience comment on that. For the woods? For the whoops? This bike is what the doctor ordered! It's a blast!

There is still riders here with 03's that have issues with this bike on the flywheel/starter subject. But (so far) my 04 has had NO problems of any kind!

DD :)

I had always ridden 2-strokes and bought an XR400 for trails and Moab for the reliability. I got bored with it and had most of the same issues you are describing. I came to a point where I either spent money on the suspension, big bore kit, damper and fork brace or bought a WR.

I decided on the WR and it's a way better bike for my needs. It cures most all the issues you have with the XR. There is no area I ride where I wish I had the XR back.

I agree with DirtDobber. Depending on your height and weight, you'd probably want to go with heavier springs as well. The WR450 is a huge upgrade from the XR400 and you won't be disappointed. I don't ride MX anymore but I don't have any problem jumping with the WR. :)

The WR,S are great after the free mod's and the faster you ride the better they work and that includes the older one,s . i have a 98 wr 400 and it's great in the woods . :)

This post sounds very similar, I rode XR's 250 and 400 for a few years and did pretty well on them, hare scrambles and enduros, but I have to tell you the wr's suspension and power increases are excellant. All bikes come with some problems, I have a mechanical background and the problems that i've heard about the 03 WR's and not happened to me. I will tell you that my WR flywheel nut was not correctly torqued, my flywheel nut needed to be torqued 3 times before the torque stayed the same. Good luck :)

Go for the WR-450, you will love it!!! :)

You will like the Big WRs. I like mine a lot and new ones have better everything compared to my 426.

I don't know how much you weight but the 250s are cool too.

I'm 170 out of the shower so I could ride with one of those 250 easily but it is not the case of the 200 pounds guys. I just love the mountain bike feeling of light bikes like the 250s...

If you like to ride tight trails do not get a WR450. Your XR400 is much better in tight woods, you would be greatly disappointed.

It all depends on where you ride. Most riders on this site ride out West and love the WR450. If you ride open trails you will luv the WR450. If you ride tight single track i.e. Southern Woods, you should get the Honda CRF250X. :)

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