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2001 drz400e jetting

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I searched already but could not find a thread for a 2001 and I know they vary year to year. 


I have a 2001 drz400e that the previous owner did an amazing job messing up the jetting. I did find some suggestions on another site here they are


70 slow air jet 

160 main jet

38 pilot jet

EMM needle 4th clip position, 

remove the coast enricher


now I don't know if these are good suggestions or not and I cannot find an EMM needle for sale anyway.


the carb currently has 


200 slow air jet

60 main air jet (was effed up and hard to remove) supposed to be 200 according to the manual

so it looks like they got reversed


150 main jet

45 pilot jet 

no idea on the needle

coast enricher is still there.


the bike has the 3X3 mod and an aftermarket exhaust. and I'm looking to get as much power out of the carb without changing anything else. 


any suggestions?

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