02 YZ426 Crankcase tempiture?

Hey everyone, I'm in the middle of rebuilding my 02 YZ426 and currently I'm putting in the new bearings into the crank case and setting the bearing retainers. The issue I'm having is my service manual is telling me to use "high tempiture medium strength" thread locker on the bearing retainer bolt(s). The manual specifies "Threebond TB1360" as a high temp medium strength, however, I've searched about fifteen different stores locally and NO ONE has ever even heard of such a thread lock by any company.....(Only high strength/perminate high tempiture thread lock) Talking to one of the older mechanics in a local hotrod shop (he works on all sorts of super old vintage bikes) he said that the crankcase shouldn't be over 300°F. And I'd probably be fine just useing normal thread lock that has a max temp of 300F° and thinking about it.... I run engine ice for my coolant in the bike, It's boiling point is 256°F so it makes sense to think the cases will not exceed 300°F....Right? lol


The whole thing is, I want to know if useing standard medium strength thread locker with a max heat of 300°F on all the internal bearing retainers of the crank case is acceptable vs this mythical high temp locker that goes to 450°F.


Any imput is much apprecheated, thanks!

I used Permatex high temp threadlocker red when I did mine. I have about 10 hrs. on my rebuild.

I used Permatex high temp threadlocker red when I did mine. I have about 10 hrs. on my rebuild.

Id love to use that... But still can't find it, where did you buy it, do you remember??

I think it was at O'reillys.

I think it was at O'reillys.

When I was at mine they didn't have any :( hmmm.....

Red Loc-Tite.  No problem.

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