WR450F Shitfting issue

I recently bought a really cheap clean 2003 WR450F, I knew it had issues when I got it, but I thought the issues where not too serious.  Now I'm not too sure.


It has the common starter/woodruff issue, and with this one, the kickback blew out the one-way starter bearing on the crank.  Not a problem, I removed the starter gears, diconnected the starter and use the kick.


The issue that I am worried about is: It is very difficult to shift.  Neutral is pratically impossible to find, running or not, clutch or power shifting, rolling or standing still.  When trying to shift without it running the lever goes up and won't return, if you work the lever it eventually returns but doesn't always shift.  I even removed the clutch to make sure it wasn't causing the issue.  It will shift when driving at the proper rpms but it does take some force to get it in.  Everything on the exterior looks fine.  


My fear is that someone might have split the engine cases at one time and reassembled the tranny incorrectly.  I'm not really excited about have to tear it completely down.  I just want to ride!


If anyone has any ideas please let me know,



The entire shift linkage, except for the cam and forks themselves, is external to the crankcase.  If the lever does not return, the problem is likely to be with the shift shaft itself (bent), with the return/centering spring (broken or missing centering pin), or some other part of that assembly.

I found a 2004 yzf450 engine for parts locally.  It belong to a friend and I can take what I need.  

Will this have the same shifting linkages? I am hoping it will have the parts I need for the starter too,

anyone know if they will work?

I know the idler and case/cover will fit, but not sure about the one way bearing.



Completely interchangeable.

Shifting issue is fixed! Broken tiny spring in the pawl of the lever. Easy fix, thanks Grayracer513.

I forgot to mention the parts engine was out of a 2004 450 quad. Shifting shaft was longer than WR. But didn't need it!


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