Doesn't start on first kick anymore ? (2012 WR450F)

I removed the estart from my 2012 WR450F.


Last season it reliably started on the first kick, even if stalled when hot.


This year its generally not starting on the first kick.  I can't figure out why.


Here are some things I checked and did

- fresh fuel, 93 octane

- cleaned the air filter

- changed oil

- bumped idle mixture up from the stock C1 setting of 0 to 8.The


My bike generally starts well.  It runs very well too.  Lots of power.   It doesn't use any oil.


Why isn't it starting on the first kick anymore ?  Time to check the valves ?  Dirty fuel filter ? Poor spark ? 


Thanks !

Start simple see if fuel pump comes on then move to spark then on to valves. Also check all your connections. Good Luck

I'd check the valves.  When they close up the bike gets harder to start.

A friend of mine that builds motocross bikes for a living and who's son is a Yamaha sponsored rider. When I ask him about valve adjustments he told me every Yamaha well tell you when it needs adjustment. He said if it starts its good. Its when it starts different or is hard to start that you need the adjust the valves.

Thanks, guys.  Looks like I'll be checking my valve clearances.

My '07 has recently been hard to start cold. let me know if adjusting valve clearance

  helps solve your issue.

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