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Scotts + Cycra CRM + Pro Billet Spark Arrestor

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Was trying to adjust my fork height the other day but my Cycra CRM mounts were in the way, limiting adjustment range. Normally the mounts are installed near the bar clamps and angle outward, but that puts them right above the forks with little clearance. Pulled the mounts and swapped sides on the bar to move them out of the way completely. Works well. Scotts is "reverse" mounted, a factory option that lets you mount it under your standard bars.




Also installed the Pro Billet Spark Arrestor to make me legal on US Forest Service land, since that is where we have to ride off-road for the most part. Really simple. I used a slightly larger drill bit to drill the rivets (7/32 instead of 13/64, up to 1/4 will work well). Do this and the rivet heads "stick" to the drill bit  and spin off when  you've drilled far enough. Then the rivets are easily trapped into the existing end cap with a drift (punch). Use good high temp silicon where the cap meets the silencer to prevent vibration and Loctite the self-tapping screws that go into the silencer as well as the spark arrester bolts. I added a few round daubs of silicon under the green screen holder as well. Goes on smooth and looks groovy. Coolest feature is you only need to pull three bolts to remove the spark screen. Bike was possibly stronger down low after the install, was a little quieter, and lost only the slightest bit of top end, so I'll probably just leave the screen in since I ride mostly trails.






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