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Issues after rejetting carb

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I have a 2004 drz 400e that appears to be stock with the keihin fcr 39 carb. i was having trouble with throttle hesitation and had some advice on things to do. i removed the snorkel from the airbox and i changed the main jet to a 160 and the air jet to a 100 and removed the coast enricher. i also did the eddie mod. put the carb back on and i had a gas leak around the bowl. i test rode the bike and i didnt have the hesitation but the bike didnt want to rev down like it should. it stopped leaking around the bowl but then started leaking gas from one of the vent hoses on the throttle cable side of the carb. i pulled the carb back off and did a more thorough job of cleaning and polishing all jets and needle and all parts and lightly greased all o rings and gaskets. i put the carb back on today and had a slight gas leak around the bowl again which i think might go away then the vent line was leaking gas again. the bike starts fine and appears to be idling around 1700 to 2000 rpms. today when i would crack the throttle it would hesitate slightly and then rev up and most times hang up close to 4000 rpms and i would have to rev the bike a few times for it to come back down. i played with the fuel screw and didnt have much success getting much changed. after researching some im thnking maybe i need to down size the pilot jet but was wondering if i could get some help with this from someone with more experience. the bike will also cut off if i crack the throttle hard when it is at idle. thanks in advance for any help.

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