Been to saddleback in Irvine Ca.?

checkin if any So.Cal, guys or anyone else has been to this track in Orange County CA.?? Might be going this w/e! :)

Hey! I'll be going there in about a week or so. If you go this weekend, let us SoCal people know if it's good!

Been there, its good. Lots of really fast guy there, sometimes practice looks like a national. Last time I was there I saw Dubach and Albertyn. Its also the place that I broke my collar bone at. Whats nice is its close to a decent hospital. :)

Shawn Mc,

do they have 3 tracks? or shall I say 2 one expert and other intermediate? thats what I ve heard ... if I go no doubt I'll keep you guys advised!



Dirtjunky, 2 tracks, the big track is national caliber. the smaller track "the vet track" is smaller, less extreme. good for us old folks. although Bubba Stewart was riding it prior to Anahiem 1. I guess he was clearing the entire front section. That will make sense when you see it. Have fun.


Did you crash on the big track or the Vet track?? Where on the track did you crash?? The last time I was there (about three weeks ago) there were some very fast guys there. Some of them were even clearing the triple from the left side line. I liked the track but it got pretty dry and slippery later in the day.

Did you noticed how much that wet clay roost hurts???!!!! :)


Shawn MC, hey thanks for the info! :) hopefully we will be able 2 check it out....just waiting on a friends bike thats in the shop, should be done by then... well seee.. :D

Watch out for me clearing the 30" gaps ( hehe ) :D



Hey guys,

I have been there a bunch, I work only 7 miles from the place and it makes for some nice rides after work on thursday. Let me give you the scoop on the tracks. People seem to complain about the dirt alot, BUT... it's saddleback dirt. Blue Goove... and it your a sand rider you might not like it. Rule of thumb. Get there early. Track is awsome in the a.m. Tacky, can stick any line in any turn. Lots of tracktion (sp?). The main track has alot of elevation changes (natural) and they have been adding some super cross stuff as they go along. There are some jumps on the track which have 2 lines fast/slow. If they let it dry out before they water it, it is as slick as gorrilla snot for about 10 minutes (this is what people don't like about the dirt). I rode the old SB, so it ain't no big thing for me. Just glad to have a place to ride local. Also, if you hit their web page there are pictures and on the message board, there is a link to a video of the vet track. This was done by my friend Don who secured his 8mm to his helmet. large file, but pretty cool. I have not ridden in 12 years and when I went to SB the first time. I was able to do all the jumps on the vet track. Some say it is more of an 80cc track, but I like it. Safe, mellow and I can do laps to build endurance without having to worry about any monster gaps. Hope this helps.


sorry, I forgot to pose the link.

You may have to copy and paste. don't know how to do a direct link.


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