New Owner with Carb questions

I just bought my first BRP!!!! It's a pristine '01 with a full FMF Q series and PowerBomb header/mid-pipe and only four rides on it. The only other mod is the pilot has been "adjusted". I'm not sure what that means. The power seems very strong and idles and starts easy, although I have no baseline in which to compare but was wondering if the stock 125 main in conjunction with the after-market exhaust is making this pig run lean. Does the standard recipe for un-corking (170 main, carb manifold changed , airbox opened, pilot changed out to the "68s",and the clip moved to the 4th position) apply with the FMF exhaust? Any input would be appreciated.


I would say definitely! Not sure how well the Q flows in comparison to the stock uncorked pipe, but I would guess they arent too far off.

I was told putting a pipe on without uncorking it will make it run worse then stock corked!

For sure any engine with an opened up exhaust will benenfit big time from an opened up intake. If you want some serious power increase-go with the 175 or even 178 main jet, the 68s, and do the full uncorking (include the manifold, aribox mods) then do the cut-outs on the airfilter cover plate. The cut outs are amazingly effective...its no wonder Team Honda races with that set up.

After than its time for a stage 2 cam....

Thank's everyone! I ordered a 170 main, 68s pilot, unresrticted carb insulator, and a new thermostat just for good measure. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Paul :)

PS: I'm riding from sea level to about 2500'. I'll experiment with a larger main once I get everything else ironed out.

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