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WR400 Supermoto Rotor Dragging on Caliper Pin

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Hello All,


I am new to the forum.  About a week ago I picked up a 2000 WR400F.  I ride mostly street/track, although I did dabble in some trail riding with a CRF150F (a real man's bike).  My intent for this bike is to turn it into a supermoto for cruising to work and back.


In the pictures you can see how the bike was when I bought it.  And how it sits currently.  I am still waiting on the rear tire to be delivered.  The front tire install went more or less smoothly, but I do have an issue:


I got my wheel set through MotoXIndustries.  My issue is that now that I have the front end together, the outer edge of the rotor is rubbing on the caliper pin (see third picture).  


Im not sure how to handle this.  I tried loosening the brake caliper and relocation block bolts and retightening.  This made, at best, a marginal improvement.


Is this a big deal?  Should I just grind down the outside edge of the rotor a bit to allow some clearance?  Or is this a sign of a more significant issue?


So far I really enjoy the bike.  It and I are still each other out.  It has a few issues that will need addressing, but i'm hoping to stretch that out until the winter.  


1) Carb leak when petcock is left open.  I think this is indicating a worn needle valve or seat o-ring, based on my searches.  I have already received the parts to rebuild the carb (as well as the slide o-ring that the Sudco guy insisted I couldn't live without.)


2) Blue smoke on startup.  I think this is from leaking valve seals.  Once its warm I have no problems.  Along the same lines, based on my discussions with the PO I think a valve inspection is in order soon (working on the bike was not his forte).  So this may force my hand in doing other maintenance.


3) The exhaust is the stock exhaust but it has been gutted.  I am embarrassed to say I LOVE the noise.  But, I live in the "city" and know that my neighbors won't feel the same.  So i've ordered a Pro Moto Billet Spark Arrestor and Quiet Turn Down silencer.  I'm afraid this may lead to a jetting change, and will rob some power.  But, it'll be worth it to not wake up the whole neighborhood.  My problem here is that I ordered a tip for a YZ400 and it doesn't fit the WR400 exhaust.  Whoops.  I have a friend who is offering to give away his YZ426 exhaust. So i'm hoping I can make that work...


Lastly i'll have to play with gearing.  The chain is pretty worn, and the gearing is quite tall (16/45).  I have a 47T rear sprocket on my rear 17".  If/when I put on a new chain I also have a 15T front sprocket to install.  I think this will make it a little easier around town.  I feel as though I have to slip the clutch on this more than I have to on my zx6r, which was unexpected.  Maybe my expectations were unrealistic.


Sorry for the novel.  Happy to be part of the community and can't wait to get to know this bike a little more intimately.


photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG

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I contacted motoX (probably should have done that first).  They said that they had a small number of oversized rotors that were...oversized!  So, they're sending an appropriate rotor out that won't be too large.  


I'll reserve comment on the wheel set until I get to install the rear tomorrow.  The front could have gone worse...

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