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06 TTR 50cc CDI or Coil! Help

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I sifted thru the various posts with similar problems. Between that resource and the trouble shooting guide in the manual here is my situation. Bought a bike for my lil guy, clean carb etc tuned it up good and was purring nice. After carb job she started nice idled nice, all stock parts used. Today I bought some dino Rotella t 15w 40 to do an oil change (cant find 20w 40 anywhere nor can I find Yamalube so went for the closest oil I could get. I put bike on stand so I can warm up for several minutes to prepare for oil change and bam the thing don’t start. No spark, nothing completely dead. Wouldnt crank over. No ticks nothing just silence when i press down start button! Battery is fully charged as I had it on my tender jr. Fuse is good to! I go thru the ignition check list and use my ohms meter to check continuity on main, start and kill switch etc. When it came down to check my primary and secondary coils here are my results: (using a craftsmen digital meter btw and the lowest setting is 200 and the next up is 2000).



Primary Coil


As per manual should be .32-.48 ohms at 20 C



My reading is .6 or .7




Secondary Coil


Manual says 5.68 – 8.52 @ 20 C



My reading was NIL or on meter just showing 1



I wasn’t getting a reading on the Ac Magneto connector either.



I then pulled out CDI box and started bike to see if she would spark only true way to tell was to get zapped and it felt good! So I fiddled with CDI again to see and zapped again. So this brings me to my question can the CDI be fu%kn with me to cause a faulty read on the Primary and Secondary Coils and AC Magneto Connector?



Should I replace CDI?  BTW everything is earthed solidly to bike. Last thing I need is to be messing around with this in the bush with a very impatient but excited 6yr old!


Your thoughts and your help would be appreciated.






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