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1980 cr 80 red rocket Live or Die

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HI all just here for a bit of advise

I recently purchased a 1980 CR80 RED ROCKET, I purchased it from gent who used it in the late 80,s after the bike exploding on him when he was 12 his father stripped the engine bought all new bearings, seals, new wiseco crank shaft, wiseco piston kit, new barrel and a new head,but never got round to rebuilding it, I ended up with the bike for the price of a new cr80 piston,  this all been well as it was kept in a dry place as is all in perfect condition, along with the rest of the engine, unfortunately the rest of the bike has been kept in a shed with good old English weather and has seen better days, wheel rims are pitted with rust, the drum brakes are seized solid, exhaust seems to be solid, I think this is down to 2 stroke oil, the frame has surface rust which I think isn't to bad but you never know, surprisingly they still hold air, plastics are in remarkable condition and would easily come back to life, spokes need changing, here's  my dilemma I love bikes but I love money too! so im hoping somebody in the know on this site can answer my problem, will I make more money parting the cr80 out, or will I make more restoring he, any advice would be appreciated thanks mal

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