Oil slightly milky.

After doing an oil change on my 01 wr426f, I've noticed the oil is slightly milky. It doesn't look like a milkshake, but it doesn't look super clean like pancake syrup either, just has a slightly white tint to it. I know this is a sign of water getting into the oil, but just wondering any ideas as to what it could be.

Just some details:

The bike currently rarely gets ridden. (Every weekend, to every other weekend) and when I do ride it it's usually only for 30 minutes or less. (This is about to change as it will be street legal soon.) it has not been overheated since I've owned it, and although my radiator has a small dent, the coolant level has not dropped at all. It does not leak any coolant from the peephole, so I think that would rule out my water pump seals right?

I have only taken it on 1, 3 hr trail ride since it's last oil change.

I have pressure washed it a few times, and none of those times did I pull the little hose thingy from the bottom of the airbox.

Other than that, the bike runs fine with full power, even when the motor is fully warm, and it will pull 3rd and 4th gear wheelies no problem. Idles fine, never cuts out.

With all of that said, and thinking back, I think I may have gotten some water into my airbox while cleaning the bike, and sucked it into the engine. And my thinking is that I can just pull the little hose thingy from the bottom of the airbox, and make sure it's all clean. Then change the oil 2 or 3, or 4 times, and hope I get the oil to drain clean.

Anyone got any other ideas as to what may have caused this, or if I'm thinking correctly about it all. I'm hoping it's not a cracked head, or head gasket, and I assume if it were, there would be other symptoms, one of which would surely be power loss right??

I'm trying to avoid tearing the motor apart if I can. Trying to eliminate all of the other possible culprits first.

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It's also a distinct possibility you've acquired some condensation in your motor. Wouldn't surprise me with this wacky mild summer we are having. I'm having the same problem with my forklift, the engine gets ran every few days, but not long enough to flash off the condensation that accumulates from the engine going from hot to cool at night. Oil temperature inside an engine is kept high enough intentionally via the cooling system's thermostat to boil off crankcase condensation. This is the other purpose thermostats serve besides optimal operating temperature.

What you can do is set your bike up with a fan to cool the radiators, unplug any crankcase ventilation, and idle it until you don't see anymore steam coming out. At that point, plug it all back up, and ride it. If you get more moisture in the oil, you have more problems than crankcase condensation.

Girlfriend slightly pregnant.


Here are some details:


She barely gets ridden


Anyone have any ideas as to what might have caused this?


** Seriously?


Drain the oil. Fill with oil. Ride the bike. Check the oil. Milky? You have a water leak at the pump or the head.

Not Milky? You are done and it didn't matter.

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