Sound Checks at Gorman Yesterday, more....

My son, his buddy, and I did a few loops at Gorman yesterday, around 35 miles. When we were leaving, a couple of guys came up and asked us to complete a survey. They asked us a few general questions, then, zoomed in on the sound issue. They said, "During the last year, have you noticed the OHV vehicle sounds getting Louder, quieter, about the same". Anyway, he asked this question for every type of off-read vehicle, ATV, Dirtbike, 4 wheeler, etc... . I kind of "got it" and told him I noticed every vehicle was alot quieter for the last year. At the end, he told me the Sheriffs were doing sound checks up the road and they cited 3 people. Gorman is in the middle of no-where, so, if they are checking there, they will check everywhere. My son and I have white bros. e-series pipes, I have one silent core insert, looks like I better go get another one for his YZ. Look out guys, big brother is listening!! :)

Does an E-series with a silent core actually pass? I was under the impression that even with 4-5 discs and a silent core they were still over the limit. Anyone have experience? I had an e-series on my '01 426 and loved it (still have it) but it wasn't quiet.

I had the e-series on my 98 WR and with the quiet insert and 4 discs it would not pass. I think I was at 98-100DB (started at 98 and as it warmed up...).

Even if it had passed with the quiet core, I don't think I would have wanted to keep it since it really sufficated the bike too much. So, I did some reading and research and ended up getting a CRD. Great power, good looks... a little heavy (stainless).

I would LOVE the CRD if it actually did as claimed and lower sound to 96DB... fat chance! With CRD I tested at 99 DB (new out of the box), and once it warmed up I was up over 100 DB! After repacking it myself I tested it again at Mammoth Bar.... 98DB. I have now welded a tip which points down, with the Pro Billet Silent Insert which I can remove via a set screw. No idea yet on the new noise level as I have not been able to test it yet.

I could have saved a lot of time and money getting the FMF Q pipe from the very beginning :)

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