Why is my timing chain off 1 tooth

I Did my valves and when I pulled it off I reallised it was off on the cam and now that I put it back together it is off one tooth and I can't fix it because i cant adjust the cams to compinsate because it is between two links on the chain to make it perfact. it is on a yz 426 2001 but has anyone had this problem before

I've seen a similar scenario, it was because the timing chain was stretched, when is the last time it was replaced?

Idk it like off half a tooth

Probably never

Sounds like your cam chain is excessively worn.

Change the chain before you let a $25 part do $2500 in damage, 'K?

I looked at it again it seemed to be rite on

It runs fine but would it be fine if I go and ride it till winter

I don't run things hard I'm a trail rider never track

Don't matter, I would still change the chain, it's a maintenance item

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