Yamaha 426 wr/yz timing quick help

Hi guys sorry for yet another thread

Iv built my 426 back up and just trying to get the timing rite, it's started up and running fine

Im sure this is wr timing rite? Both level? So should I just turn the exhaust cam a tooth clockwise?

Buttttt there's 12 pins between dots.. Everywhere I read 12-yz 13-wr

Probly bring stupid but want to make sure


I just went thru this on my machine. How it is in the picture didnt work on mine. It would not start. I had to roll the exhaust cam ( on the left) one tooth counter clockwise. giving 13 pins and the horizontal dot just below the horizon ( top edge of valve cover gasket flange). 

My exhaust cam I replaced with a YZ 2008 cam with the auto comp release. Starts in one or two kicks now. so nice. No starting ritual with a lever involved, just kick it.

If yours is a stock wr 426 cam,(it looks like it is) you have the WR timing as pictured and it should go.

Thanks toad

Yea I just built this up and it starts first kick and runs good but I want yz timing, it's stock wr cams afaik. Just wondering why it will go down to 11 pins if I advance the ex cam when eberyone says it should be 12-yz 13-wr

Guess I can try and see

Anyone else ?

Could it be stretched chain ?

I looks like you already have YZ timing.  My punch marks line up closer to the head on both sides where yours are both slightly raised from the head.  I have WR timing.

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