Footpeg Bolts

I jumped off a hill and landed in a wash....snapped the right footpeg off. Not a fun experience at 40MPH. I usually check on the tightness of the bolts a couple times a month, did'nt catch it this time.

The bolts snapped clean. I drilled and used an easy-out to remove the broken studs. I don't really want to spend the $$$ on an upgraded footpeg mount. Thought I would just purchase some higher grade bolts and use gobs of thread-lock. Maybe throw in a lock-washer. What are the torq specs for the bracket bolts? I really don't want to strip out the threads in the frame.

I did a search(TT, and this looks like the typical solution.

Might need to loose a few lbs. myself too.

Ride On :)

Right footpeg, both front mounting bolt (socket bolt) and rear mounting bolt (flange bolt): Torque: 54 Nm, 40 lbf-ft.

Hey Jack,

Did you do this on your Baja ride? Did you take any pictures?

Did you do this on your Baja ride? Did you take any pictures?

No, things went pretty smooth in Mexico. I was not in Baja, but Puerto Penasco, right across the Sea of Cortez from San Felipe. I will send you some pics when I get them back.

Funny thing is, I towed a guy for almost 40 miles when his KTM520 seized in the middle of nowhere :D. Tied him off to my left footpeg. Finally get home and ride and the right peg snaps off. :) What ever happened to Karma?

Looks like you have some major bragging rights now. Poor little KTM (Kingsize Towrope Mandatory) needed a BRP to drag it home. :):D

the bolts usually break due to stress corrosion pitting. you need to replace the bolts with NEW ones every 6-8 months(use factory ones since they are coated with that black zinc plating). the aluminum frame and the steel bolts form electrolisis and therefore the corrosion. Do not re-use the old ones; put them in the trash!!! If you don't want to spend $130 for the upgrade foot peg then this is the only safe way that I know of. the great thing about the upgrade foot peg is that it distributes the load all along the forward bolt and not just close to the frame. :)

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