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Polini clutch euphoria!

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Hi my name is William and I own a small 40 acre farm in central Illinois. I enjoy restoring 70s model XRs. recently my 7 year old daughter expressed an interest in some old flat track photos of me in my prime, (the glory days) Though I hadn't raced in years, she convinced me to build a 8th mile flat track at the farm to teach her how to race, she is coming along nicely, but since the local flat track doesn't have a vintage class for her age the old XRs wouldn't due. A happened across a 2000 Polini x1 Works  and she loved it. A couple of weeks into riding the clutch gave out. I opened the clutch cover to find this strange creature hiding inside. Not so familiar with this set up. A friend gave me a 2005 ktm stock clutch to replace the imploded Tomar, and said they are all the same, they don't look the same. For example there is no keyway slot on this KTM clutch. Someone Help I'm a little out of my pay grade when it comes to this clutch setup. Help on locating parts would be appreciated as well. Thanks guys!

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