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07 KX65 vibration

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What would cause a vibration in a kx65?  A friend of ours bought a 07 KX65 & his son said it had a vibration in the handle bars.  He's rode it for a few weeks & came in the other day & said it was worse. 


The vibration gets worse as the RPM's increase to the point you can see the dirt & dust bouncing around on the expansion chamber.


I checked the motor mount bolts, found the front one was loose & when I tightened it the vibration could be felt in the seat also.


Changed exaust (just to see), vibration was still there.


Pulled the cylinder off, lower bearing had no up & down play. The piston was wore so I replaced it, new rings & wrist pin bearing all OEM.  Vibration is still there.


Pulled the fly wheel cover & clutch cover off, couldn't find any play in either side.




The bike runs good & pulls hard, but the vibration is very noticeable, any ideas on what I'm missing without throwing a $200 crank at it just to see?  Or is that the likely culprit?

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