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Restoration CR125 2003 - From Chile

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Hi guys.

Well, I write this post from Chile and I started to restore my Cr few weeks ago.
Now I have motivated me to write and upload pictures of the restoration process in this and other forums to share my experience and learn from the advice they can give me.

I give to know that my native language is not English, so I ask you understanding if sometimes I'm not expressing myself very clear. Sometimes I need help from the translator :lol:


I hope you like it :thumbsup: ...

Get down to work


When I bought the bike

2014-04-11 15.41.23.jpg

2014-04-26 17.09.36.jpg

2014-04-26 17.12.16.jpg


without exhaust flange manifold

2014-04-27 15.20.30.jpg


2014-04-27 15.20.47.jpg

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yes lucasz, it is quite similar to yours.
How you gave such termination to the swingarm? I want to delete the bumps and scratches, but not how to give a nice finish






The chain wear out the slider and aluminium.


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Hmmm. Those scratches seem pretty deep. When I bought my bike there were no scratches like that. I'm not very good at removing those kinds of things in metal so I can't really help. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

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Tengo la misma moto jajaja, suerte con la restauracion!


Have the same bike, good luck with the restoration


Gracias Adrian!

postea algunas fotos para ver tu moto


Thanks Adrian

upload some pictures to see your bike



Wow that thing is... very.... used... :)

yes, there are some parts that have a lot of wear, but I lucked out with the most important, the engine. The cylinder has almost no wear and gearbox either. I feel lucky of the state of the engine.

I'll take pictures and I will upload

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The frame had dirt many years and very stuck.







first thing I did to remove it, was washed with pressure washer.
even so not all dirt is removed, so I followed cleaning with a brush dishwasher liquid and hot water




I achieved remove all dirt and stay very clean. to remove all scratches and refinishing, I covered some parts with masking tape to put in sandblast cabinet.

More later I will show the result

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I have been reading in various forums and internet, information about of the original CR carb, the mikuni.
There is much talk that it is a carb very difficult to configure and somewhat unstable, so recommend the Keihin. Based on this and when riding the bike, it was impossible carburizing for me

So I decided to buy a carburetor keihin PWK 36, but did not find any in chile, just found a 38 mm PJ a cr 250 1997. I bought it for 40 usd


The scene that I found was this:










I do not know if the state of the throttle valve, could affecting the operation.... Nor has the needle jet nor the spring.




here need a good cleaning and a new seal apparently.







Now, how well this would work this carb compared to mikuni?
I should invest in rebuilding this carburetor or go back to mikuni?
This keihin have long body (91mm)... There is enough space to enter?

I hope the experts in the matter can help me

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The PWK is a newer version of the PJ, I f tou take a look to both of them the are some changes but 90% percent is the same. I noticed an upgrade when switching from the mikuni to the PWK A/S, but I think the PJ is still better than the mikuni and will do the 99% of what the PWK does.

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The place where I work, is a workshop engine reconditioners (I do not know if is the correct translation), and the guys checked the status and the cylinder is almost standard 53.850, manual specifications say "53976-53983" (service limit 54.013). so I did not do anything






The transmission is also in good condition, no wear in gears.






The crankshaft was measured and is within tolerances.




only the piston had wear, so I think buying a Wiseco

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the hoses were very dirty, I let them soak in warm water and with a little effort I clean with quix and scotch brite






The air filter box had glue residue, I removed it with a isopropyl alcohol.







the sides was scratched, I installed PVC paper









I bought 4 bearings for 8 dollars. The old bearings did not revolved.


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Great. If u have spare money order some hoses from ebay. 35 dollars . I have them are look and perform great.


Yeah, I saw.. they look good ..

Have you pictures of your bike with the hoses?

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