Safety tips when washing your WR.

So bought a pressure washer today and has adjustable PSI, just asking for do's & dont's for the WR. Is there things I need not wash or wash around(obviously in and around the airbox)?  What PSI is best not to take paint off or destroy plastic parts, electrical parts, etc. Yes, I do have a wash plug for the exhaust.

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Not sure about the PSI, but low for sure. Avoid blasting water anywhere there's bearings... wheel/axle, steering head, etc.


But honestly, I've quit pressure washing my bikes altogether. I now buy bike wash where you just hose your bike down to get rid of large clumps of dirt/mud/etc, spray the bike wash on and let it soak a few minutes, then hose it all off. My bikes look WAY cleaner and shinier (and they smell nice! ;) ) without the risks associated with pressure washing.

The coin op pressure washers are too strong. You pretty much have to be at 4' + to use them without forceing water everywhere, and blowing of your graphics


The home washers I've had are claimed 1700 psi, but they can't be, cause I can spray the palm of my hand.


That is what I go by: spray your hand and not put a hole in it? You are good.


Just pay attention to where you spray, and you will be fine.  

You have to re-grease your bike every year anyway, so I don't see why it's bad to use a pressure washer, with care.


I don't close the intake or exahust off, as pull the filter and start the motor immediately after washing, to help dry it off.

I was thinking putting a plastic bag over the air filter just in case and putting the seat back on for safety.


I just wanted something I can easily clean the bike at home without any problems and the pressure washer looked like the best solution.

I use an electric pressure washer with a fan tip and have never had a problem with using it.  I just don't get real close to where bearings are.  

My bikes are never the cleanest nor shiniest in the group. I'll use a pressure washer on major muddy sections, clean the chain for proper lubing, rotors, etc. One tip: wipe away any hard water deposits on the fork tubes. Depending on the water source they can cut fork seals if left on long enough.

Ya, looks like the fork seals are leaking already. But gives me a reason for Racetech fork upgrades. Thanks for the tip!

No Armor-All or similar.  It makes the seat and tires very slippery.


I dont know about that "bike wash" stuff.  I guess it's safe (non-slippery), but I dont know.


I do see it advertised in the dirt cycle mags, so I figure it's OK.

I have an electric pressure washer that will burn your hand if you hit it in stream mode. No longer use it on my bikes or even on my yard equipment though.


Got a good fitting for a regular hose which gives good enough pressure (for mud) and I use some watered down simple green for the grime and poison ivy juice which gets on everything where I ride this time of year.

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