2010 yz450f only running on Choke...?

Well I'm having some issues. I got out of mx to focus on trials and let my bike sit for about a year without running or riding it. I drained the old gas and tried to start her up but she's not doing to good. I can only get it to run on with the choke on and when I flip it off the bike dies. I'm about to go check to see if there's a good spark but this is my first issue with a fuel injected bike. Not sure where to go after this if its not a dirty plug. 


 By the way shes a 2010 yz450f.

Stock motor with yoshi exhaust.




Any help is greatly appreciated!

Well problem solved. Looks like it just had a bit of old gas that needed to be run through. Went out there started her up and turned choke off and she sputtered a bit then picked up and sounded good as new. 

Ok apparently the problem is not solved. It now runs with the choke off but doesn't want to idle! I have adjusted the choke knob/ idle adjustment all the way and it doesn't change a thing.



Any ideas? 

you mean the hot start? don't think the fi models have a choke. new gas, clean air filter and a new spark plug are the cheap things to check

I would run fuel injector cleaner, run it pretty rich to like 3 times the recommended amount and ride it pretty hard, with a year of sitting around the old gas probably left some build up in the tank/injectors

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