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1997 xr 250 restoration

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I have decided to rebuild my 97 xr 250. As of right now its a mess.. motor is off the frame with the top end off of it. 

when i got the bike it would  not turn over frozen up tight. 


Guy i got it from said it had some lower end noise after doing a top end rebuild and replacing the oil pump, timing chain, guide, tensioner, and rings. 

goes on to tell me he rode it for about two or three months with this lower end noise then one day after a two or three hour ride he went back out to start it up for another run around his house and is ceased when he kicked it.


My ? is what should i look for in the lower end to cause this problem.. Is it worth tearing apart to replace parts or am i wasting my time with this motor..???


Also will any 91 xr 250 motor parts interchange? I have one as a parts bike. Thanks for any advice i get.




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