Collarbone surgery. Bones displacing after surgery?

Long story short, broke right collar bone a few weeks ago, had the surgery 2 weeks ago, arm "feels" fine, however when touching the bone and area surrounding I can't help but feel like the bones are still displaced. There is still a pretty good sized lump which has yet to shrink at all. Is this normal? I have not lifted anything heavy or done any kind of physical activity. All I have done is used my right arm for basic things such as brushing my teeth and opening doors and what not. I slept on it wrong a couple times, but it can't be that easy to move the bone when there is a titanium plate with 7 screws put in can it?


Also, it was a single clean diagonal break right through the center. 

i broke mine in half. i have a decent lump but i didnt go to the doc. its all good, im guessing you'll be ok just take er easy

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i broke mine in half. i have a decent lump but i didnt go to the doc. its all good, im guessing you'll be ok just take er easy

I am not worried about the break. I had the surgery. I am worried now because it feels like the damn bones aren't aligned.

yeah i understand, there are a lot of people who have bumps on their collarbones from breaks. if it were me i wouldnt worry unless it starts acting up. im probably not a very good source though :p

watch for pinched nerves. i find mine sometimes run across the top or something and it gets tingly. lately its rounded itself off some more and i dont get them as often..... or just go back to the doc if long time problems worry you and youre rich folk :)

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I broke my arm playing football (radius i believe) and it healed back fine. And my brother also broke his arm playing football, although both bones, and it looks a little crooked, for lack of a better word, but just a little. He still has full function and the doctor said it was normal for it to be a little off even after it was set and healed. I told him to ask for a discount since his arm was only half fixed!!  :lol:

post the X-ray.


post the X-ray.

Nice picture. But you are showing me last week's newspaper. What does it look like now?

That is my question. I have not been back yet to get xrays after the surgery. I am wondering how likely it is for the bone to shift after the plate has already been installed.

If it did, it needs to be redone.

Did they use hardware to put it back together? Is it possible that's what you feel?

i'm not OP but that looks almost exactly like my clavicle break.  I also opted for the surgery and got a plate with 9 screws.  here's my before/after just to give you an idea.    btw, that surgery was HELL!  that was all back in 2008 or 2009.  fast forward to 2013 and I fell again, on the same side.  this time my clavicle was OK but i guess since it had all the reinforcement it tore the next weakest link.... labral tear in my shoulder.   just got that repaired in January this year, that surgery wasnt too bad especially when compared to the clavicle repair.   good luck with your recovery.  mine hurt for a long time.  i also lost a lot of feeling like another guy said. 







I haven't really heard of having a lump there after surgery. I've only heard of it when people don't have surgery. Sounds odd to me. I got

Mine done in Feb and I have no lump, just the plate on top which I can feel. Get that xray...

Your definetly going to feel the plate, mine is easy to feel so it could be the plate. You need to see your doctor.

I broke my left collar bone 7 weeks ago I seen the xray from the day it happened and 6weeks after the bone is still clean in half kinda like yours, I was told by my doctor to leave it in the sling for another 6weeks, I no I'm probly gonna have to get the op, annoying that I have to wait soo long

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