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Help ID. Tag Metal Triple Clamp Set T-4529

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I have the original factory TC`s, in a box the aftermarket ones come in but there is no description of what change is made regarding rake.

I went to the website but could not find the part# with a search. (maybe someone else would have better luck?)

Anyone using the T-4529 part number and recall what this set up does?

Fits CRF 250 and 450 year 2005

I will send them a e-mail if no luck asking here.



Have not started yet to get the bike`s suspension dialed in, but first few rides notice some steering head shake at speed & mild acceleration.

WOT and back more on the seat remedied this...I been of a dirt bike awhile (long while) so it may just take some getting used to.

I think I tend to sit back aways and the bars feel sort of a long ways off / forward...bringing the bars down some helped.

I have not checked suspension sag (term? I`ll study the book tonight) but I`m a little heavy 6`1 230 Lbs and I think getting a new spring might be easier than shedding 25 Lbs. lol


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