Do dealerships sell individual spokes?

I'm a total DA, I got messing around with my spokes and caused my rim to now wobble. Tried to reverse it and broke a couple of spokes. I hoping this isn't a 50.00 mistake and can buy individual spokes at the dealer, if anybody knows.

From what I recall, Yamaha is one of the few mfg's that don't sell OEM spokes individually. I had to replace a couple and believe I got them from Moose. They are $2.95 each and you need to make sure you get an outer or inner depending in what you need. I bought a few of each for spares.

Where does that parts diagram show individual spokes?

just buy a set then sell the spares on ebay and recoup all the cost and then some.

Where does that parts diagram show individual spokes?

Humm yeah what the fudge. Looks like all the spokes ???

Yes, sir.

You could likely get individual spokes from Buchanan's in California.

I work for yamaha, oem spokes come as a complete set of spokes and nipples

Thanks for the info. I'll look at those options.

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