I just got a Hebo hyro clutch and would like to know what routing and installation other 426 owners have used. I am having trouble figuring out how and where to mount the slave cylinder.

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Do a search for "hebo hydraulic clutch" and it will come up. I know there are pictures there but I can't seem to pull them up. I have had a hebo for over a year and love it. Good luck

My slave cylinder isn't hard mounted to anything. I have the line ty-wrapped to the frame about 3 inches above the slave cylinder. Between that and the cable connecting the slave cylinder to the actuation arm, it moves very little. I ran the hydraulic line from the master cylinder through the throttle cable holder on the left side above the the left radiator. From there I took it down to clutch cable holder on the down tube above the frame oil plug. I actually cut that holder with my dremel tool and spread it apart far enough to get the line through, then bent it back to normal. It took me about 2 hours to finish the install just because I pulled it off 4 times to re-do something. I haven't had any problems with mine in the year I've had it on, it works fantastic.


hey you guys have any good tips on adjustment of the hebo I am having problems where it starts draging in the middle of the race they sent me the yz kit and I have it on a 2000 yz 426 <complete new clutch>

I'm having trouble with my Magura "Hymec" system, actually it just sprung a leak. I just had to order a rebuild kit for my system, other than that I'm a very satisfied customer

Whats the difference between the HEBO and HYMEC, ???

Dont know if it will help, but I had to loosen up the left radiator to install that system, it comes pre-bled, and totally assembled. Also, I put some electrical tape(neatly) around contact areas, because I think the Magura line is some type of plastic.

Thanks for the help. I routed the line through the metal cable guide on the frame then behind the radiator and I made a L bracket and mounted the slave cylinder off of one of the engine case bolts. All I have left is to adjust it now.

One thing I am worried about is the slave getting hit by rocks. Has anybody ever had a broplem with that?

I mounted my slave cylinder in back of the left radiator. Zip-tied it to the coolant hose. That was a few years ago. No problems yet.

I had a problem with the slave cyl after about a year of use. In short, the rubber cover came off, dirt got in, and the slave cyl sprang a leak! I've since put the original stock setup back on. If anyone wants to buy it for spare parts, I'm asking $40.

You'll want to cover the black cover/red button really well with tape to avoid dirt entry. Re-do the tape job and clean out the slave every 5-10 rides.

SMRMX- I see you're from Columbus, me too--let's go riding sometime! Any cool riding spots near you?

Mcarp, please check your PM's.

I am inteerested in yout hydraulic clutch


As far as dirt getting into the slave cylinder, yes it can happen. I just clean mine out once a month with some Qtips and WD40. Recently I put some RTV sealant on it and it keeps out the crud.

As far as adjusting it goes, it sounds like your at the end of the throw for the slave cylinder. There is an adjustment nut on the cable end coming out of the slave cylinder that you will have to toy with. You can pop the cap off of the slave cylinder and see if it is in fact bottom out or if the little red indicator on the cap is popped out it means you'll have to adjust it.

The only damage I have had happen to my slave cylinder was a pin hole in the rubber cap on the slave cylinder. Not sure how or when it happened but I put some RTV on the inside of the cap to seal the hole up. Works great. Obviously, I love RTV.


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