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Shifting Problems 2.0

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I am at a complete loss now as to why my bike wont shift. My bike was running fine until i was riding and it wouldnt shift passed 3rd gear. I took the bike apart, spilt the cases, replaced the shift shaft, replaced all 3 shift forks. I have the bike all back together now and when i start it it feels like the clutch is sticking realllly badly as i have to run besided it to actually start it moving. When you push on the shifter it feels like you can only go two gears and i cant tell if im in neutral or not. The bike sounds fine and revs up and the tire spins on the stand but when you click up a gear it seems like it locks up and the tire stops moving. Sometimes the shifter doesnt do anything and it just moves up and down freely or sometimes its solid and wont move at all. My clutch basket has some pretty bad notching in it but does that explain why it locks up when you shift up a gear. I am really frustrated as i havent rode the bike at all this summer and its been sitting for months. Im at the point where im contemplating bringing it to a shop and having them look at it. Any advise on what is happening would be very greatly appreciated.

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