03 450 head rebuild time?

I was having a hard time getting my wr started so I checked the valve clearances. One intake was very tight and one was very loose. The loose one is mushrooming for sure, I could tell when I checked the valves last time. Last time i shimmed the valves those 2 were both doing the same thing...The rest of the valves are in spec. I know there was a little bit of wear on the can lobes from last time I had it torn down.

I'm thinking its time to do the intake valves and might do the rings while I'm in there. My question is: what's the best approach for the valves? Get a rebuilt head? Get a shop to do the valve job (guides and seats too of course)? Is that something I can do myself without specialised tools?

What about stainless valves? I'd happily trade off performance for reliability / longevity...

I'm Canada it takes forever to get parts so I want to have a good plan before I tear the engine down completely and I don't want it sitting in pieces collecting dirt for weeks while I wait for shipping...

Any thoughts would be appreciated :)

OEM is best

Re cut the head/seats for the new valves

Replace the seals, keepers, springs, timing chain, TCTensioner, etc

Is there a tolerance limit on the head? Can the valve seats be recut every time?

No. You need to mic everything for service limits, that come from your service manual

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