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wheel spokes -how much nM? 500 EXC

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Took my 2015 KTM 500 EXC 6 Days for it's first service.

I noticed they were tightening the spokes at 4nm.

When I pointed out that the manual says 6nm.

He said we do it at 4 here on all the bikes.

I said ok great but the manual says 6nm.

Doesn't the manual supersede everything.

He said sure & did them to 6nm.

I feel lost & confused.

It's not uncommon to find uniformed, poorly trained or complacent people in the service industry here.

Hence me being there the whole time while it was getting get serviced.

I had the manual propped open on the table as if I were testing the mechanics by referring to the manual.

I mean they're all obviously certified KTM mechanics but not very 'on top of things'.

They're the only KTM dealer/workshop in the area. There are other mechanics but I'd rather stick to the dealer.

So, suggestions?

I think I'll need a spokes torque wrench to tighten between rides, right? Suggestions?

Thanks gents.

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You wont need to adjust the spokes very often. They would have been checking them because its a new bike and they do settle in and become a bit loose sometimes. I wouldn't buy a torque wrench for them. It would only be accurate while they are new have no dirt or corrosion.

As far as servicing the bike goes, maybe buy a manual and learn how to maintain it yourself. Only then will you know things are done properly.

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