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Michigan Twisted MX - Milan, MI

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Rode there for the first time Sat, and first time I have rode in 6wks due to work...and I am SORE today, lol.  Anyhow, we talked to I believe an owner or track operator/creator...not sure which. Seemed like a good guy. Said they have been trying to get rid of the reputation the old Milan track had. That started by bulldozing the entire thing and starting over. Anyhow, I only know of one person personally who doesn't like it. But after riding it once, I will for sure put it in my "tracks to see if they're open" group. They had gotten a little rain the previous night, and the dirt was IMO awesome. Felt super tacky....its a loamy mix. The jumps held up good all day besides one little double which deteriorated fairly quickly. Some braking bumps and such developed as the day went on, and some other general chop...but thats like any track really...and it wasn't bad. It wasn't super busy, so maybe on a really busy day it'd deteriorate more...but as reasonably as it did with what bikes were there...i doubt a lot.


He also said they have some plans to lengthen the track a bit because it is def not really long right now (didnt say when they may do that). But they have some pretty fun sections with what is there and I thought the corners were tons of fun....felt like I could do no wrong in them for the most part (relatively speaking to my C class ability haha). I guess they also built up the track elevation a bit in several areas because some areas used to get swamped out with too much water. I don't really know where/ the difference because I never went there previously.


Anyways, Just my impression of my first ride there...and I would say check it out if you're lookin for something open. If anyone hasn't been there/ wondering.

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