applied top clamp

i have a top rubber mounted clamp for yzf..used 1 ride..( i don't like the rubber mount) $60.00 +shipping

clamp is for a over-sized

what brand???

Doh, disregard.... Sorry

what is it about the rubber clamp that you do not like? and I know this will sound stupid, but this is the whole upper triple clamp, right? thanks

If it is the entire upper clamp...I'll take it..unless someone else has dibs...thanks

it is the complete top clamp yes, with rubber mounts and bar clamps... used 1 time...the main thing i did not like was, they are not as far forward as the stock 02 clamp... and it looks like with a rubber mount they only make a 3 mm offset..which it has...

give me email address and amount and I'll send the money..Thanks Eric

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