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2000 CR 250 PWK for 2002 CR 250 what I need to know to get the most from it?

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I know this has been hashed out before and I've done reading on the subject, But I want my own thread on the subject. I have a 2002 Honda CR 250 that I have Eric Gorr's Mo-Better porting and head mods had the crank balanced by crank works (best money spent) just bought a 2000 Honda CR250 PWK carb off of a guy on here and I picked up a 2003 Honda CR 250 air boot. Now I need help setting it up?


1. From what I've read on here JD Jettings needle is the way to go right?


2. What else have you guys found that helps this bike?


3. I have Pro-Circuit's Pipe and shorty silencer. I've heard Doma's are the best, but can't get my hands on one.


4. What is the best intake? Right now I'm running Moto Tassinari's V-Force the first addition.

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