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2001 yz125 won't run

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I took out my yz125 this weekend after snapping my kx250f's subframe and had some issues with it. It has always ran great and had plenty of power. Starts up within the first few kicks. When I went out to the track it ran great like always, then about 2 laps in I was under power and it bogged out and died on me. I started it right back up and it ran ok for a lap and then coming up a hill in 4th gear wide open it did the same thing. After it died that time I could not get it started. Brought it home, changed the plug, cleaned carb, checked reeds, has spark. The only thing I didn't check was compression. Today I took it to o'reily's and used their compression tester and it only showed 30 psi. I know it obviously won't run with it that low. I am just wondering if it is normal for a bike to all at once lose compression. Or it could have been low the whole time I had it and finally went. Is it possible their tester was bad? If it is in fact 30 psi could I get away with just changing the rings? The previous owner, my uncle, had a piston put in not that long ago so I'm hoping i can fix it with just the rings. What do you guys think? Sorry for the long post just want to put as many details as possible

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