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2008 KX450 Bogs @ WOT

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So I bought this bike a few weeks ago. I’ve gone through it a bit (fresh oil/filter, coolant, spark plug, silencer packing, air filter, couple new hoses - I'm ready to take her out and let her rip. After replacing the throttle tube the other day due to a little stickiness, I naturally started her up and began to test the throttle response.

I was a little concerned by the bog I was getting when going from idle to wide open (in neutral). This is only my 2nd 4 stoker, the previous being a bone stock DRZ years ago and I don’t remember this ever being an issue. I know this was not normal behavior on any 2 stroke bikes I had back in the day, but Ive heard some folks on here say this is somewhat normal on these bikes (WOT in neutral)??

Half throttle, no problem - nice and crisp btw.

Like a dumbass I started playing with the fuel mixture screw when this happened to no avail. Its got a little aftermarket Pro Circuit deal on there that Im not too sure about (again a 1st for me). I brought it all the way in and backed it out about 2 1/2 turns like I read. Some clarification on setting would be awesome as well. Also wondering about any potential damage for bringing it in too much?

Just getting back into riding, so I appreciate the quality and informed comments I know I can find on here.

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