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air leak at carb joint 06 YZ250

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Well I just finished putting my engine back together and I just pressure tested it and the only thing leaks it at the carb joint. The weird thing is before I took it all apart I pressured tested it and I did not see a leak there. I tested it other times and never seen it leak. So I took my spar one out ( its the original one) and it leaked in the same spot. So then I took out the original reed block and it still leaks. So what I did was put the old gasket in-between the carb joint and the reed block and now the leak is gone. Is this common?  Will it be ok to leave that gasket there? I don't want to buy another one and have it leak in another year or that it might leak new. The reed block and carb joint are maybe no more then 2 years old. I don't know why Yamaha uses a non replaceable O-ring on the carb joint and the reed block.

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