Handle bar size 2007 yz 450

I am about to purchase the tusk handlebar riser kit due to being 6,4 and having trouble crouching down when standing on the bike, and when I entered my specific bike into the criteria the only size that came up are th 1 1/8" clamps, I thought my stock bars were the 7/8 size. So my question is what size bars are on the stock yz 450f i have searched and came up with nothing, thanks guys.

YZ's have had 1 1/8 bars on them since '06 at least.

Great, thanks for the help.

Raising the bars only fixes one issue.  The other is you need to move then forward.  Buy an upper clamp that lets you move the bar position forward.


I like the Renthal RC high.  It is the tallest bar you can get.  I have tried running a higher setup using risers but it made the bike feel like a chopper with the bars so high. Now I only run the bars with no risers.  I am also 6'4".

I was about to purchase the rc high bars, but I am not that good at riding so I thought this would give a noticeable difference. So do you feel I should return my spacers and buy the handlebars, and will the risers hinder my performance rather than help?

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