Wheel help needed please..

01212_dpCkkcK2QUV_600x450.jpgHey guys, new the forum, love it already.  Just got in on the Baha Designs Dual Sport kit, great price thank you very much.


I want to buy these wheels for my 2003 WR450, they are off a 2006 WR250, will they work on my 450.  I was told I may need a caliper relocation kit but I'm more concerned about the wheels/rims them selves.  Also heard it's all about the spacers I get or get from the guy.


Your help is greatly appreciated.


They will fit

If they fit a 2006 WR250 they they will fit your 2003 450

Use the spacers from the bike they will be fitted to - ie your 450 spacers




Yes, you will need a caliper relocation bkt if the disc is bigger than the OE disc

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Thanks very much for the help, I'm buying them tomorrow. Any idea of where I can get a caliper relocation kit from..?

By the way I saw that thread on the wheel and tires ie: what fits what and thought that pertained to YZ's only...again being a newbie I wasn't sure if the YZ Rims were the same as the WR's.

None the less you've answered my question, I'm all over these baby's tomorrow. One other thing, will my axles work as well or do I need to get new one's there as well ?

Never heard of After market wheels, made for a specific bike, needing new axles

If they do, then they not really made for the bike IUSWIM


If you need new axles, then thats a whole world of pain - news spacers etc


As the PO, he should know

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I picked up the wheels today, his spacers were included but as suggested I'll use mine. He said he used his stock break caliper and axles and it worked great.

Bought my Baha designs kit, trying to think of what else I'll need....


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