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2006 cr85 problems

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So my brother ha a 2006 cr 85 and while it has been a great bike, it has froze up in some sort of fashion. My brother claims he was driving down the road to my friends house and decided to stop in to pet his dog. When he got off the bike he shut it off and when he tried to start it back up he couldn't kick it over. He could switch into every gear but he couldn't roll it at all while not holding in the clutch like it should be able to but it would be hard. While holding in the clutch it would roll but would e much harder than before and when in neutral it would roll as normal. We decided to bring it to a friend of our grandpas who is a mechanic and he took of the exhaust to examine the piston and he said "looks as brand new." I was shocked cause this is what I thought would be the problem. He claimed what is more than likely the problem is that a tooth in the gears broke off. But I can't see how one of the teeth in the gears could not allow the kick start to turn over when it is locked up. The only one thing is that the bike may have been leaking anti freeze as the radiator seemed not to have much if any just a little damp. So what to you guys think is the problem here? Tear it apart and see the gears or do you guys think we should just replace the engine. Sell it as a parts bike etc.? Thanks!

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