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2004 yz250 stock suspension settings

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I've searched online but haven't really found anything, and the manual I have is for an 05 so I don't think that will help. also I'm right at 140lbs without gear I want to set this thing up for my local mx track but also want to use it for trails how bad would it be and what would be good springs to start with?

My rear shock seal is blown but I've tried adjusting rear sag to 100mm and now I got the spring as soft as it can go without being loose and I'm no where near 100mm. before I adjusted the rear spring I got my uncle that's 220lbs to get on the bike and the sag was nearly perfect... I believe its the stock spring and when I used the race tech calculator it said I needed softer front springs and stiffer rear.. so I'm a little lost, can someone help me out?

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Hope this is helpful!


Argh.. Hang on..
Sorry I can't format to post this.  I have the OEM specifications that would be very nice for you, I'd be happy to share if I could.
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27-0,11*8 12-0,11*1 26-0,11*1 24-0,11*1 20-0,11*1 18-0,11*1 16-0,11*1 14-0,11*1 12-0,11*1






16-0,11*1 20-0,40*1 27-0,11*3 24-0,11*1 20-0,11*1 16-0,11*1 14-0,30*3 25-0,40*1


6mm + 0,20



24-0,11*9 22-0,15*1 20-0,15*1 18-0,11*1 16-0,11*1 13-0,11*1




Springs 4.2 N

125mm airchamber

R10 C10





36-0.20*6 28-0.11*1 36-0.30*1 34-0.30*1 32-0.30*1 30-0.30*1 28-0.30*1 26-0.30*1 24-0.30*1 22-0.20*1



40-0.20*11 34-0.11*1 30-0.11*1 40-0.20*1 38-0.25*1 36-0.25*1 34-0.25*1 32-0.25*1 30-0.25*1 28-0.25*1 26-0.25*1 24-0.25*1 22-0.20*1



46-48-52 N



R11 C12 HS 1 1/8


cadj would be





piston ports 2.3mm with the usual strong kyb yz style spring

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