Anyone around the San Fran area?

Hey guys, Im coming out to San Fran this weekend and was jsut wondering if anyone could maybe show me what the trails look like? Ive heard they are incredible and just wanted to maybe check them out? Thanks, D

Are you bringing a bike?If so how much time do you have?If you have a day we could go ride some good ol single track. :)

Unfortunately I cant bring my bike. I just wanted to see what the trails look like compared to here. It been almost 2 months since I have ridden. Unless you know of any place where I could rent a bike? I dont think they do it around here but wasnt sure of out in Cali. This will be my 4th time going out there this year and my 3rd in S.F. Man I love Cali, I wanted to see the trails and see if it helps sway my decision to move out there. :):D

How much time will you have and when do you get here? I may be able to hook you up with a bike. The decent trails are a distance from SanFran.There are plenty of great areas to ride but are between 1.5-2.5 hours away.

If you have alot of time let me know and i'll try and take you out for some great riding. :)

My flight comes in at 1:30pm on saturday and I leave Late Tuesday night so it doesnt leave me with all that much time. My friend that I am staying with lives in Petaluma. I appreciate you even trying even if it doesnt work out. And if not if anyone wants to go out and get some drinks in the city or something that'd be cool. Thanks again. :) . Let me know. :D -D

Bad timing. Had you been able to come one week later, you could have seen a great trail on the floor of Pac-Bell Park ridden by Chad Reed and the rest of the AMA Supercross stars. Seriously, it may a bit far(1 1/2 hours), but there is a shop in San Jose that rents XR 650s, 400s and CRF230s. See I think about 75 bucks a day. From there; Metcalf Park, 20 minutes; Hollister Hills, 40 minutes; Clear Creek(the ultimate), 2 1/2 hours.

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