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1985 DR200 No Spark (Kick Start)

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Hi everyone,


I have been lurking this forum for quiet some time now (ever since I owned my bike) and found information very useful. Recently while trail riding on my 1985 DR200 I was going down quite a rocky hill and when I got to the bottom my bike completely died. It didn't cough or sputter just simply shut off. After doing a number of tests I concluded that I was not getting spark. I completely eliminated the killswitch so that is a non factor and I tested signal voltage going into the coil while cranking at 8.6Volts. So I bought a new coil and plug wire assuming that was the issue and still No Spark! Tried two different plugs (neither of them new mind you) and still nothing. I was hoping to get some answers or suggestions on what else to check for. I figured 8.6Volts while cranking would be plenty to allow the spark.


Thank you for any suggestions you may have


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