yet another (probably dumb) hot start question

I am setting up my hot start cable and such to the carb. a preivous owner had taken out the cable put in a plunger, spring and cap to block it off.  Runs good like it is but on the hot summer days riding in thick woods it get a bit cranky when trying to start it again.  So want to put hot start back on and see if it helps.  The plastic nut is broken.  Already ordered the zip-ty Aluminum replacement.  Now I see that the little rubber bootie that covers the end of the nut (5TA–14374–00 for those that have the parts list) is torn right where it connects to the aluminum nut.  Is this part a seal too and need replacing or is the seal the tube that goes inside this and the nut?



It is a water seal, not an air tight (carb) seal

You need it

You can silicone repair it, then pack it with waterproof grease then install it over the nut

Thanks.  I think I will just oder a new one.  I don't have the best of luck fixing things like this and I would rather know it is done right. 

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