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1973 xl100 cylinder question

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I have a 73 xl100 I've had sitting in my garage for years that my dad got for free. It needs some little things here and there like blinkers tail light and one foot peg are gone. And the rest of the bike needs a general tune up but everything. Is there.

Anyhow my main reason for the post is to clarify a part before I buy it. I want to at least do a top end in it and while looking up a replacement piston on google I found a 150 kit cylinder looks the same and the title says it's for bc cl and xl models. Honda didn't make an xl150 so I'm wondering if this jug will fit? Ideally I'm turning the bike into a back road rider something fun to tootle around on. Here's a link to the kit.


I also plan to buy a replacement carb for it and make my own wire harness because blinkers have been cut off and don't see myself replacing them.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1407295581.373458.jpg

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