Problem with 14 450s

Has anybody heard of this problem with the shift shaft assy and the water pump impeller with the 450s I know people are having problems with the 250s but havnt heard any problems with the 450 and I read they brought out updated part for the shift assy but not the impeller for the 450 is it worth doing the swap I asked my dealer and they knew nothing of the problem with either bikes.

No problems here so far. 85 hours and counting.

no problem with my 14 YZ250f or my brothers 14 YZ450F....both have been top notch

No problem with either on my 14 450 yet (30 hours). I did buy the new shift stopper with a bushing rather than the bearing but i haven't tore into it because i haven't heard of it being issue on the 450 even though they say it's the same part number as the 250?? I should probably change it but i'm not too worried at this point.. However i will feel really dumb if it messes up my engine. A lot of people have higher hours on their 14 450's with no stopper problem though..

The '06 was supposed to be subject to the same problem, but I've owned two, one with over 200 hours, and mine that has over 300, and no problem with either one.

I have seen the things fail, though.

So pretty much your better off just replacing th part with the new upgraded lever for peace of mind last time I asked my dealer about it they knew nothing so could I just tell them to order the stopper lever off the '15 since that has the updated part stock is it the exact same part and do I need to order the new screw with washer as it was also updated

It might be necessary to use the new bolt, etc., because of a dimensional change or something.  May want to check with the guys in the shop about bulletins.

Ordered the lever and the screw this arvo the shop said it has the same part number but will be the new part

There is none in the country though (aus) so I have to wait probably coz everyone is buying the new parts

Canada has lots in stock, got mine on order, it totalled out to be under 25$ for everything,

When I was at the dealer they couldn't find anything so we compared the 2015 Trans to my 2014 and found the different part numbers, ordered the new ones.. Hope it comes in soon, gives me an excuse to take a look inside !

I have not heard the 14 450's actually having the problem. But many cases on the 250 especially the shift stop lever which is a concern for us with 450's because they use the same part number and has been changed for 2015 bikes. But the water pump impeller is a different part # from the 250 and 450. The failure of the shift stopper can destroy the engine . Its a 10$ part so for price of mind I ordered one of the new part # to put on my bike just in case its a 30 min job no big you can see the shift stopper now has a solid bushing that replaces the Bering and eliminates the issue cost me 40$ total with shipping for the lever gasket and screw. Search 14 mechanicals and you can read a bunch on the subject on the 250's, part numbers ect.


Yer same Idea I had better to replace $50 worth of parts rather than do a $4000 plus rebuild

No issues with tranny on mine at 88 hrs but had issue with the timing chain that has skipped 2 tooths and was badly worn out despite oil change at every 2 rides ( hard to believe i know) Bike was running really bad but nothing broken.

Just flipped it to a 2015 - 450 earlier this week

I noticed the mapping is different than the 2014 be cause it does not pop on decel or sudden gas shut is not barky down low either.nothing was mentionned about new mapping on the intro so i wonder if this is true- todays conditions where really muddy so i have to retest to be sure.......

Finally got around to putting the new shift stopper in. Easier than I expected. If you use a zip tie to hold the spring on the stopper it makes it actually possible to install. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1408259240.320783.jpg

That shows how I used the zip tie to hold everything together as well as compress the spring.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1408259309.873435.jpg

Old vs new

Thanks for posting!

Did you use lock tite on the stopper bolt?

Thanks for posting!

Did you use lock tite on the stopper bolt?

Yes i did the blue locktite

Yes i did the blue locktite

just checking . I'm doing this today with a few other things .

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