Vaccum sucked in mud into engine?

My whole bike is filled with muddy sludge clutches and all timing chain has grass all through it has this ever happened to anyone


Yes. But not to me.  That happens when you run the bike int water higher than the bottom of the frame and it stalls, and/or you try to start it with the bottom end of the crankcase breather under water.  The piston displaces 450 cc's underneath it just the same as it does above it, so when it goes down, 450cc goes out, and when it goes back up, 450cc of whatever goes in.  While it's running, this won't pull anything up because the pressure reverses too fast for dirt, mud, or water to fill the breather hose.  Plus, since the hose is there to vent combustion gases out of the crankcase, more actually goes out than comes in. 


But at cranking speeds, there's plenty of time for it to pull a big ol' slurp of muck up into things. 


So don't do that.


Unfortunately, the only way to get all of that out of your engine is to tear it out, apart, and clean it.

I got it running today i flushed and flushed it with kerosene and 6 cans of carb cleaner changed the oil about 10 times valves quieted down and oil is getting cleaner and cleaner its smoking alot but i think thats just from all the chemicals i used to clean it i only ran it for a total of 30 min so if i run it lil bit im hoping it will burn all of it out


That is exactly what happened to think theyed put a check valve inthere or somethin?

You will never clean that out fully that need to fully take it apart as Gray mentioned...

Sure, cheap today, but it'd going to get costly in the future as the grit will wear/tear apart everything...

Yeah i hear yeah for sure but before i split the cases and stuff wanted to make sure it didnt seze all the way like you said have to tear it all the way down to get everything

Wow and this is why I'm going to reroute the breather tube.

Do it you wont regret it

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