crf 150 ignition switch on a WR400?

I know there are alot of threads on here already about putting on a ignition switch onto one of these bikes, but Im still having trouble finding a switch that will work for me. I tried to get a electrosport switch which alot of people suggested, but electrosport discontinued that switch a couple years ago so thats why Im still searching. I heard a few people say use a ttr125 switch or a crf 150 switch and since the crf switch is about 1/4 of the cost of the ttr switch im leaning towards that. My question is though has anyone used one to see if its a normally open switch that will directly replace the kill switch? Ive gone through multiple switches trying to find one that will work, but they have all been normally closed switches that wont allow the bike to run unless the switch is in the off position and I dont want that. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I've used Baja Designs ignition switches on 2 WRs.  They come with a normally open circuit and a normally closed circuit.  I used the normally closed circuit (that's closed in the off position) for the ignition and the other for the lights.  Cost about $40

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