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Plastic shroud around drain tube on FCR

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Hi all.

After a little advice please.

I have a DRZ with an O/E FCR fitted.

It has been dribbling a bit of fuel out of the overflow lately so I've got the carb off and found the float valve o-ring is flat, so have replaced that.

The problem is whilst I was stripping the carb I managed to crack the plastic 'baffle' that clips to the main jet casting. I think it's purpose may be to stop any fuel surge around the overflow tube and prevent fuel slooshing out of the tube whilst accelerating/braking, maybe? I have looked on exploded views of mx fcr parts lists and this is not present on those carbs and am having difficulty finding one.

Here's a pic, it's not obvious but there is only one side of the white plastic bit, the other side is missings;



Question is what's the downside of running without it?


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