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:) The old 1991 KX250 rips

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As some here know, I'm an old guy on an old KX250.

Did pretty good on it last year.

Wanted to try a 4t so got a nice YZF250....and took the KX apart.

New crank seals and KIPS work.

New piston and double base gasket as over bored and local pro wrench shop recommended it.

New carb as the old one's needle jet was worn out (not replaceable) and....hell it's 25 years old.

New tires front and back.


Have been riding the 4t all summer and loving it.


Put the 2t back together and spent a whole day jetting it...riding mellow to break it all in again.


Just got done with an hour on it at WOT (kidding).

HolyWa that thing rips.

SOOOoo differne than a late model 4t, but oh so cool.


I'm way better MXer now that last time I road it last year.  New tires helped.  The fact that it will now idle helps.

Ergos are different than the Yami.  Seems the foot pegs are farther back...hard to keep ball of feet on pegs.  Always find myself with arches on pegs.


Vibrates like all get out.


Brakes are awesome.


So different.


Now I'm tempted to take it to the local AMA track Friday instead of the 250f. 

Maybe take both?

Will I be making things difficult for myself by riding both all the time?

This week I am only riding the 2stroke.  Every eve around my backyard track (1:40 per lap).  It is getting MUCH more familiar.  Was tempted to rip a couple laps on the 4stroke, but didn't.  Will that feel wierd again when i do ride it?




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The suspension on the old bikes sucks but the motors can still be pretty competitive. 

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YeaYea KDXG.


I'm lucky to have both and a place to ride em.


TD.  Both bikes have had all the suspension rebuilt by a local pro shop.

Good to know that shock and forks are working properly.

The old 91 KX has USD forks.  Wondering how "bad" they are compared to the newer YZF suspension....or today's newest bike's suspension?


I know the limiting factor is not either bike :)

Couple of ruts today I went around as fast as any pro on a factory bike could ever do.




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