Coolant and additives for hot slow riding

Engine Ice is pre-mixed at a 1:1 ratio with de-ionized (DI) water and Propylene glycol.


I use Engine Ice, my vlxiim map, CO set at 15, RPM's set at 1950, uni air filter and  FMF Q4. I ride in 90+ temps with no boil over. The bike E starts hot or cold in gear there no red hot header either. Don't know your map but if it has the timing bumped up thats part of it.


Most of these super coolants are 100% PG.  If it wasn't, the increase in boiling temp isn't there.


Glycol boiling points.jpg


This graph also explains why you need to get ALL the water out of the engine and cooling system before putting the super coolant in.  Any bit of water really kills the boiling point.


FWIW, the heat transfer capability of these super coolants is much inferior to water.   If you can keep a water/coolant mixture from boiling ie, fan and high pressure rad cap, you are much better off doing that.


Super coolants don't make your engine run cooler.   "Engine Ice" is a mis nomer.   They allow your engine to run hotter at the best and actually cause it to run hotter at the worst.


I bought a 4" SPAL puller fan for my bike this week.  I'm going to wire it with a simple switch.  It was $80 and weighs 0.83 pounds.

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The other thing to do if you are riding a ton of tight technical terrain and/or doing a lot of climbing is to gear your bike down.  It will be more controllable, you'll use the clutch less, the engine will spin faster everywhere, moving more coolant through the radiators and you'll be lugging it less.   I also recommend richening the idle mixture with the FI programmer, for cooler running and better engine performance.


FWIW, 12/51 gives 6 MPH at idle (2000 RPM) in 1st gear, the same as a KDX 220.  And still gives way more top speed than most MX bikes.

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The link you gave is for a 50/50 premix.   The Evans stuff is 100% PG.  



I was comparing it to Engine Ice, which is 50/50 also.   


If you want 100% PG, there are other options besides Evans.

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